COVID-19 Precautions 

1. We will be using customer's vacuum cleaners if possible. We recommend either the Dyson ball vacuum or a Shark Rocket. Our intention is to limit items transferred from house to house. If we need to use our vacuums we will sterilize the chamber and filter between uses. Completely separate supplies will be provided for people who request it. 

2. We have always used and will continue to clean surfaces first with soap and then use at least 70% rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to sanitize surfaces and we are stocked with these products. This is our standard protocol and we know what surfaces can be cleaned wth rubbing alcohol because we have experience with it. We use rubbing alcohol over bleach based products because it is safer on surfaces and for you. 

3. We will wear a face mask and disposable latex gloves 

4. We always have the same solo cleaner and do not use teams unless requested by the customer 

5. We will not clean if we are symptomatic in the least and we ask that you please contact us if you are at all symptomatic so that we can asses your situation and decide when it is safe to clean again.