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Image by Mike Scheid

We started out our path in cleaning as totally green. We will discuss which cleaning products are right for your home. We use only products and equipment which do not damage surfaces, unlike many cleaners. Holistic cleaners provide Dawn dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, stainless steel polish, glass cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner. We clean mainly with dish soap. This is our base. Dawn is very effective but not a green cleaner. Clients may provide eco-friendly soap (we recommend Dr. Bronner's).  We will discuss stainless steel polish plan, types of mold and what can be done, etc. and what chemicals we recommend in your during an in home estimate. 

The Science of Cleaning

Green cleaning works because it’s based on simple chemistry, i.e. the pH scale. Acidity and alkalinity is a measure of how many (H+) or (OH-) ions a material contains. Ions react with grease, dirt, and scum in the home, dissolving them for removal with water. 

Each whole number difference on the 0-14 scale represents a tenfold change.Simple, age old, non-toxic products are as concentrated as their toxic, commercial counterparts.

A solution having a pH that is lower than 7 is acidic. Acidic cleaners attack and dissolve alkaline soils, like mineral deposits or rust, breaking them down and making them easier to remove (for example, vinegar or citrus). Acids are powerful solvents that react with sealants. We use the appropriate chemicals which won't damage surfaces. 

A solution with a pH that is higher than 7 is basic. Alkaline substances are typically react less with household surfaces and therefore are used as all-purpose cleaners. 

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