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Our staff is carefully selected, trained, and managed by the owners with 16+ years cumulative experience running a cleaning business. 

We provide regular, scheduled cleans and Airbnb turnover. We  do not provide move-out cleans or one-time deep cleans at this time. Please reach out to arrange a time for an estimate. Thank you and looking forward to meeting you!

Life isn’t always perfect, but your home can be with regular visits from Holistic Home. Keeping an immaculate home can be overwhelming, but our method makes it possible for us to quickly achieve perfection, saving you time and money. During the free estimate, we will identify your home's unique needs and develop a plan for your perfect house cleaning. If you ever notice that anything is being missed or you would like to add something to your service, leave us a note, email us, call us or text us and we will be happy to help you in whatever way we can. 



  • Clean every item on counter

  • Clean and disinfect counters

  • Clean and disinfect all components of the stove including grease filter, knobs, drip pans, grates, hood, etc. 

  • Clean cabinet exteriors

  • Clean backsplash

  • Clean and disinfect sink, faucet, soap dispenser, RO water faucet, garbage disposal splash guard, and basket strainers

  • Clean all appliances large and small

  • Clean inside of microwave

  • Empty and clean inside of toaster

  • Polish all stainless steel 

  • Fold towels

  • Take out trash, recycling and compost 

  • Inside of oven and deep-clean of fridge by request

  • Inside of cabinets by request



  • Clean and disinfect sink, countertop,  faucet and spot clean drawers

  • Clean all items on counters including soap dish, bottles, and toothbrush holders

  • Clean all mirrors

  • Clean and disinfect shower and tub

  • Remove soap scum from tile and glass

  • Polish all chrome

  • Clean and disinfect toilet 

  • Fold toilet paper and towels 

  • Dust ever surface, fixture, and item in bathroom 

  • Empty all trash cans 


Whole House

  • Dust in and around every item in home

  • Clean all baseboards

  • Wipe spots from the walls

  • Wipe down all trashcans

  • Wipe down laundry area 

  • Clean all windowsills 

  • Clean all mirrors 

  • Clean all light panels 

  • Clean doorknobs

  • Clean thermostats

  • Clean heaters

  • Clean blinds

  • Vacuum upholstery

  • Vacuum all carpets and rugs

  • Vacuum all hard floors

  • Vacuum under carpets and all furniture where possible without moving heavy furniture

  • Mop entire floor by hand 

  • Empty all trashcans

By Request

  • Laundry

  • Water plants

  • Let pets out

  • Vacuum pet beds 

  • Inside of oven 

  • Inside of fridge

  • Inside of all cabinets 

  • Dust ceiling fans 

  • Vacuum inside of closets 

  • Clean interior of fireplace 

  • Sweep porch

  • Wipe down and sweep outside entry

  • Anything else? Just let us know! 

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